Press Release: Lifesaving Transatlantic CBRNe Agreement

Press Release: Lifesaving Transatlantic CBRNe Agreement

Decontamination Technology


Brook Park, OH USA, October 03, 2023

PELA Systems and M2DCON signed a distribution agreement for North America. Peter Lashbrook, Founder of PELA Systems and Tim Meilander, Co-founder and CEO of M2DCON signed the agreement, recognizing the exciting relationship between these innovative market leaders. The two companies share a passion to protect operators and first responders who find themselves working in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments. This agreement will put the best CBRNe products into the hands of operators across the US.

The bi-annual defence and security exhibition, DSEI, is believed to be the biggest in the world. In 2023, with a record-breaking attendance the two business leaders met to finalise the agreement meaning PELA Systems products will be fully supported in the United States. “Our route to market has been directly with the end-user or integrator, and when it comes to the US market, we want to ensure the range is fully supported and available”. Says Peter, “With Tim and the team representing the PELAmesh range in the US, we can offer improved support and user experience, alongside delivering PELAmesh to the widest possible user range.” M2DCON are carrying PELAmesh in addition to their own products, creating a catalogue of problem-solving CBRNe products.

M2DCON has multiple decades of experience in chemical and biological decontamination, with operators across multiple services relying on their life-saving products. With more than 25 patents, their extensive research with industry leaders and laboratories including U.S Army CBC, U.S Air Force AFRL and Dugway, M2DCON maintains relationships at the highest levels of U.S defence and first responders. Distributing PELAmesh in the US means M2DCON can support operators from the moment they suspect a toxic or hazardous incident. “PELAmesh provides a unique opportunity to leverage legacy and new detectors/sensors into an overarching data mesh of information. This powerful tool enhances immediate and operational decisions related events like terrorist attacks, chemical attacks, wildfires, etc..” Tim continues, “Combining field information with decontamination/protection actions equals more efficient and effective deployment of equipment and chemistries to mitigate the event. PELAmesh with M2DCON’s advanced decontamination/protection products provide an integrated solution in a new and innovative manner.”

PELA Systems design and manufacture sensor fusion and communication platforms for defence, security and first responders. At the core of the range is PELAmesh™ the Patented CBRNe sensor integration platform, providing real-time situational awareness. Selected by the British Army during the Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE), PELAmesh provides monitoring of CBRNe threats for reconnaissance and force protection roles. In recent years, PELAmesh has been applied to wildfire, conservation and law enforcement scenarios connecting operators to sensors in a way never achieved.

Interest and inquiries for PELAmesh from the US has been significant, particularly in CBRNe, hazmat and wildfire monitoring applications. US organizations recognize the clear benefit PELAmesh brings to situational awareness and limiting risk to operators. They are willing to invest in technology to detect and monitor emerging CBRNe and hazmat threats. This distribution relationship brings the life-saving work of PELAmesh quickly and efficiently to the hands of US operators who need it most.
Both companies share similar values, with problem-solving solutions and practical products at the heart of their respective engagements with defence and security. Providing frontline operators with the best possible protection is a fundamental belief both PELA Systems and M2DCON share.

Instrumental in the signing of this distribution agreement is Kevin Cresswell, co-founder along with M2DCON, of CBRNe Atlantic Bridge. The organization seeks to link US, Canadian and UK opportunities, fostering strong business relationships across this vital sector. The not-for-profit was formed in the wake of failing export engagement between the US and UK, in which the CBRNe sector is poorly represented, on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Tim Meilander
President and CEO
+1 (216) 306-0925


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