Press Release: Announcing M2DCON Limited (UK)!

Press Release: Announcing M2DCON Limited (UK)!


Brook Park, OH USA, October 03, 2023

M2DCON is dedicated to protecting others. From our beginning, we have endeavored to develop best of class decontamination technology. Working with DEVCOM CBC, team M2DCON developed products like CBR Multi-Purpose Wipes (US DoD JSEW/M334), Decon PLUS (US DoD’s GPD/M333), mVHP (dry gaseous chemical-biological decontamination systems) and more. M2DCON continues to move beyond chemical and biological decontamination to provide integrated detection, protection, mitigation and decontamination systems.

Following another enjoyable visit to the UK to attend the Counter Threat Symposium in Farnborough, M2DCON is excited to announce the establishment of M2DCON Limited in Salisbury, UK. During the past year, we have established multiple relationships with like-minded, UK businesses to support our mission of protecting and serving those who protect and serve others – these companies include CCL Solutions Group, PELA Systems, Tracerco and more. We hope to continue to strengthen our relationships with UK industry leaders, to provide best of class products and collaborate to develop integrated solutions within the UK. M2DCON Limited marks the next step in these goals. Our team stands ready…

Please contact us within the UK at:

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For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Tim Meilander
President and CEO
+1 (216) 306-0925


Mission Statement

M2DCON is committed to providing the most effective, proven, and reliable decontamination technologies for our Customer’s specific applications. Dedicated to safeguarding and protecting those who protect, defend, and serve others, as well as mission critical facilities, laboratory, pharmaceutical and sensitive equipment applications. It’s more than just products – It’s understanding the requirements and then providing the best solutions for the job.

Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of M2DCON to ensure Customer satisfaction in terms of quality, integrity, innovation, and value. The commitment to quality is reviewed on a regular basis for compliance to specified requirements and to ensure a culture of continual improvement throughout the company. M2DCON is committed to:

Customer Satisfaction

M2DCON strives to meet and exceed Customer’s expectations by providing the right solution for the job, the first time, every time. M2DCON employees work closely with the Customer to understand their requirements, and ensure they are reflected in the product or service we provide.


M2DCON and its employees are committed to conforming with regulatory requirements as mandated by government, Customers, and the industries we serve. Our employees always conduct our operations ethically.

Applying Continuous Improvement

M2DCON strives to continually assess and improve our systems, processes, and people to meet and exceed M2DCON’s Mission Statement.

Respecting Colleagues

Treating our fellow employees, suppliers and Customers with respect and placing value on all contributions will lead M2DCON to be a preferred employer and service provider of choice.


M2DCON is committed to investigating and implementing innovative solutions and technologies to improve the product and services we provide.

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