SSDX™ Dry Decon

SSDX™ Dry Decon


The SSDX-12 Dry Decon Family of products employ super soap solution with either microfiber wipes/mitt or a non-woven polymeric wipe for effective broad range decontamination. The combination of SSDX-12 Dry decon technology is suitable for use in decontamination of particles (radioactive or toxic substances), chemical agents, TICs and TIMs, NTAs, opioids, etc.

The system is configured in three variations:

(1) Pre-wetted wipe for use immediately from packaging

(2) Dual-sided microfiber mitt packaged with a pouch of SSDX-12 RTU solution

(3) Two microfiber wipes packaged with a pouch of SSDX-12 RTU solution.

All variations are Berry Amendment Compliant.


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