Fentanyl Detection and Mitigation

Fentanyl Detection and Mitigation

The FentaCycle blends the hazardous drugs with neutralizing chemistry producing a non-toxic waste. The system has a modified DOT approved bucket for one-time use. The single use bucket is equipped with a filtered vent to provide adequate ventilation/filtration during the blending process and uses a spout that allows the chemistry and drugs to be poured inside safely. The reusable aluminum base unit operates with the push of a button and digital timer countdown the blending cycle. The magnetically coupled mixing/shredding blades ensure the chemicals and drugs together efficiently. The cycle stops automatically. FentaCycle plugs into any 110VAC outlet. The motor will be running at 20,000 RPM which will be sufficient at blending the chemicals and drugs together efficiently. The contents of the bucket at the end of the cycle can be sampled to verify the opioids have been neutralized and is safe to dispose according to local regulations.
Neutralization Chemistries includes zirconium hydroxide, sodium chlorite and peracetic acid based solutions.

An all-sample screening tool for fentanyl pharmaceutical based agents (PBAs) designed for ease of use in field without additional components or process steps. Simply twist open the tube, use swab tip to sample, then
reinsert and twist the tube completely closed until the reservoir is punctured. Keeping the device horizontal for 1-3 minutes as the result display on the device.

Custom Response and Decontamination Kits

Custom Response and Decontamination Kits are available to meet optimized mission requirements for hazardous drug mitigation. The M2DCON team works with operators to develop and optimize kits including ChemBarrier bags,  CBR multi-purpose wipes, DCON Plus, and SSDX-12 wet wipes.
Understanding the unique operating circumstances and then identifying the correct tools is critical to efficient and effective operations. Kits can be designed use the individual, small teams up to mass casualty events.


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