DCON™ Mitt

DCON™ Mitt

All Hazard Microfiber Mitt

The DCON Mitt is a new concept for physical removal that combines the effectiveness of microfiber with a barrier laminate to protect the wearer’s gloved hands when performing decontamination. Being highly absorbent, having the ability to retain small particles and solids, and being constructed of a skin-safe, non-reactive microfiber material, make the DCON Mitt effective and safe for removal of contaminants on skin, Individual Protective Equipment, weapons, and sensitive equipment such as electronics and optics. The DCON Mitt is the ideal choice for immediate physical removal of a CBRN hazards and can be used in combination with liquid decontaminants of choice.


The Enhanced DCON Mitt integrates decontamination technology with conventional highly absorptive microfiber in a dual sided mitt to provide neutralization in addition to removal. The current enhanced DCON Mitt is configured with Fuller’s Earth. Fuller’s Earth is currently used by militaries and civil emergency services to decontaminate skin, clothing and equipment; it is ideal for direct application onto chemical protective clothing (CPC), equipment and vehicles.
The Enhanced DCON Mitt includes the decontaminant placed in between a microfiber layer and a chemical barrier on one side sealed with velcro; the other side of the mitt is without the powder and used for additional wiping of surfaces. The decontaminant-microfiber side allows the bulk contaminants to be absorbed by the microfiber and the neutralized by the decontaminant. The mitt is meant to release a small amount of decontaminant which provides visual clues where contamination is present. The basic design of the mitt allows the mitt to be easily updated with new technologies to meet emerging threats. The design can easily be adapted based upon operator need without
requiring re-training.

The Enhanced DCON Mitt will be available in two configurations:
• one integrated with Fuller’s Earth and
• one integrated with Zirconium Hydroxide.

Sorbent and decontamination powders sold separately.

The Enhanced DCON Mitt has an extended shelf life (greater than 5 years) and is not impacted by temperature extremes. The capability is used direct from the package and is a “dry decon” technology.


DCON Mitts are sold in cartons of 10 individually packaged mitts. 


The DCON Mitt is made in the USA and Berry Amendment Compliant. 


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