SSDX-12™ Aircraft Cleaning / Decontamination Solution

SSDX-12™ Aircraft Cleaning / Decontamination Solution

Aircraft Cleaning / Decontamination Solution


SSDX-12® is a concentrated detergent that is certified for use on U.S. military aircraft, and is very effective for general aircraft under MIL-PRF-87937 as a type IV heavy duty water dilutable cleaner. Used for general cleaning, SSDX-12® has been shown to be compatible with industrial wastewater treatment facilities. SSDX-12® is non-hazardous and is pH neutral (pH 7.0-7.8) for greater operator comfort and acceptance. SSDX-12® has no shipping restrictions, is biodegradable, requires no special applicator, and is non-corrosive. SSDX-12® is a very concentrated surfactant formulation; because it cleans effectively even at high dilutions, it provides excellent value in cost per use – no need to buy, ship and store water, as in more dilute detergents. In addition to cleaning routine cleaning of aircraft, SSDX-12® is an excellent facility (maintenance bays, hangers, hallways, floors etc.) cleaner at heavy maintenance installations. It prevents the spread of heavy metal contamination and is compatible with industrial wastewater treatments to recover heavy metal contamination prior to discharge. It was originally developed as a non-reactive, non-corrosive decontaminant to remove chemical and biological warfare agents from sensitive equipment.


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