SafePass GDS

SafePass Wall Pass Through GDS


The M2DCON Transit Family of Gaseous Decontamination Systems using dry hydrogen peroxide vapor are ideal for operations requiring rapid and effective bioburden reduction on materials before entering cleanroom spaces. The systems offer a rapid cycle, time, a high level of reliability, minimal maintenance and user friendly operation. GDS systems are available in both fixed location, pass through and mobile versions, providing optimal flexibility to enhance your daily workflow. Systems are scalable and customizable to meet your specific requirements. Proprietary CoolFlow technology provides dry, non-condensing HPV capable of meeting the stringent temperature requirements for items being decontaminated.

SafePass GDS is a 1.2 cubic meter fixed location system which integrates into the cleanroom and facilitates directional movement of materials into the clean environment via interlocking doors.

Key Features:

  • Integrated System Housing with Modular Assembly to Ease Installation
  • Mobile and Configurable Shelving for Flexible Loading Patterns
  • Integrated Hydrogen Peroxide, Humidity and Temperature Sensors for Safety and Process Control
  • Intuitive User Interface with Multiple Cycle Programming and E-stop for Safety
  • Air Dryer/Conditioner for higher HPV Concentrations Without Condensation and Shorter Cycle Times


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