Decon PLUS™

Decon PLUS™

JGPD/M333 Equivalent


The Decon PLUS Kit is a low logistic decontamination technology for use against chemical and biological contaminants. It is the commercial equivalent of the M333 selected by the US Department of Defense for the Joint General Purpose Decontaminant Program, which was a three phase down-select competitive program. Each kit includes three pouches of unique chemistry packaged in laminated foil pouches for superior shelf life.

The decontaminant is stored as dry powders which are mixed at point of use with locally available water (fresh, brackish or salt water). Once this proprietary chemistry is mixed, its use life has been demonstrated to be in excess of 8 hours. The unique dry chemistry formulation reduces the kit weight and volume by 90% compared to most other conventional liquid decontaminants making Decon PLUS Kit easier to transport and store.

The Decon PLUS formulation replaces organic solvents used in other decontaminants with a proprietary blend of surfactants. These surfactants ensure Decon PLUS effectively inactivates chemical and biological agents. By eliminating organic solvents, Decon PLUS provides improved material compatibility and simplifies shipping & handling. Simply mix with available water, apply to completely wet contaminated surfaces, then allow to dry completely. Once mixed, Decon PLUS can be applied to surfaces or equipment manually or using spray systems (pressure washers, electrostatic sprayers, etc.).


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