Codeac Nuclear Detection Water Kit

Codeac Solutions Nuclear Detection Water Kit


Codeac solutions’ technology offers reliable, fast radionuclide detection. The Nuclear Detection Water Test rapidly detects contamination with definitive colorimetric results.
The Codeac Solutions Water Test allows the user to collect a water sample from a source suspected of contamination, add codec liquid solution and get definitive colorimetric results in 60 seconds. A color change indicates a detection.
Simple and easy-to-use colormiteric detection of Uranium, Plutionium, Americium, Cobalt or Primary Transtion Metals
The Codeac Solutions Water Test kit includes:
5 x Beakers
5 x Filters
10 x Syringes
10 x Mixing Tubes with results label
10 x Codeac Solutions Detection Liquid
1 x Instruction Card and color standard card
1 x Permanent Marker
1 x Operating Manual 
4 x Individually bagged disposable gloves
Available in a MOLLE field kit pouch (Black, Khaki or Coyote brown), in a stand-up pouch or custom kits tailored to your specific needs.


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