Codeac Nuclear Detection Single-Use Ampoules Kit

Codeac Solutions Nuclear Detection Single-Use Ampoules and Kit


Codeac solutions’ technology offers reliable, fast radionuclide detection. The Nuclear Detection single-use ampoules allows the user to rapidly detect contamination with definitive colorimetric results. Simply use a dry surface wipe to collect a sample from the area suspected of contamination, apply the codeac liquid solution and await colormetric results in 60 seconds. A color change indicates detection.
Simple and easy-to-use colormiteric detection of Uranium, Plutionium, Americium, Cobalt or Primary Transtion Metals with on-site results in less than 60 seconds.
A single use ampoule contains enough of codeac solutions detection liquid for one test

The Codeac Solutions Single-Use Ampoules kit includes:
15 x Single Use Ampoules
1 x Instruction Card and color standard card
1 x Permanent Marker
1 x Operating Manual 
4 x Individually bagged disposable gloves
5 x Disposal Bags
15 x Dry wipes within individually labelled bags

Available in a MOLLE field kit pouch (Black, Khaki or Coyote brown) or in a stand up pouch and custom size Nuclear Detection Wipes can be made to order and kits tailored to your specific needs


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